Review of The Dare EP by After Suburbia

After Suburbia… The Dare e.p.
After Suburbia… The Dare e.p.

After Suburbia…

The Dare e.p.

After Suburbia are composed of members of Inimenter, and older band that most of them used to play in; a sort of chilli peppers/Jane’s addiction thing, as I understand it. After Suburbia are less heavy than their predecessor who were fundamentally metal as opposed to the very heavy typical American style heavy rock which can be heard on this E.P. I enjoy listening to them, but I can’t help thinking one minute that I’m listening to Sum 41, followed by my mind correcting me, and informing me that actually it’s the Idlewild CD that I must have put on. They are clearly a talented group with great musicianship; they consistently make good use of alternative time signatures and cleaver guitar riffs and they are as tight as any good metal band. The songs are relatively varied so listening to the e.p. doesn’t become a chore, but I think they need more of an original direction to their music otherwise they’ll be labelled as just another American style rock/metal band who can play their instruments well and who have an amazing drummer. Which, obviously, isn’t such a bad thing.

Jules Berry

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