The rapper Afroman, best known for his hit Because I Got High, was arrested on Tuesday night after punching a female fan on stage during a concert in Biloxi. A video shows the rapper taking an agressive swing at the woman, who then falls onto the floor.

AfromanAfroman punched a woman [Getty/Frank Micelotta]

The 40-year-old rapper, real name Joseph Foreman, was arrested by Biloxi police and the show was cancelled. He posted a $330 bond.

Afroman's representative said in a statement that the rapper didn't know if the fan was a man or a woman and just reacted to someone being on stage, however, in an apology, the rapper appeared to accept responsibility.

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"I apologize for my actions. I will be making a full formal apology and excepting full responsibility for my actions. I will address everything today on TMZ at 2 o'clock eastern time," the rapper said on Facebook shortly afterwards.

"I want to apologise for my actions. I'm enrolling in some anxiety foundation right now. I love my fans. I go early these days to meet and greet them. It was an early show. It was Mardi Gras. I had to walk like a half a mile to get to the place," he later told the gossip website.

"I had a guy that was on the side of the stage...he was yelling at me. These girls got on stage and I accidentally...I was trying to keep rapping. One girl left, and I thought both of them left. And the guy was just over there hollering. So as I'm playing...I thought it was the guy heckling me...I thought it was that guy. I turned around...and you It was wrong."

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