Marijuana-loving rapper Afroman has turned over a new leaf - he's ditched the drug and given his life to God instead.

The rapper, real name JOSEPH FOREMAN, shot to fame in the summer of 2001 with his hit song BECAUSE I GOT HIGH - his debut album, THE GOOD TIMES was certified gold last year (02).

But Foreman has now turned his back on drugs - and wants to reach young children through Christian rap.

He says, "Life is not promised. God created me. He gave me a voice and a talent to spread his word. Instead of that, I was telling them to get high."

But he alleges label UNIVERSAL RECORDS isn't ready to embrace his newfound outlook on life, explaining, "They want to keep me in the marijuana jar. They want me to be REDD FOX.

"Universal is a bunch of people that are looking at charts and bank accounts and they don't know music. They've got history with the old Afroman and they don't want to roll the dice."

21/05/2003 09:21