Review of December Underground Album by AFI

December Underground
Album Review

AFI December Underground Album

Ok I'll admit it, I put this album on and immediately I grew concerned, one of my favourite live bands of 2005 seemed to of gone "Hip-Hop"….. Thank GOD I was wrong, and damn these introduction songs just there to confuse.

December Underground is actually AFI's (standing for A Fire Inside) 7th album, and what's taken so damn long for these guys to get the recognition they have so deserved.

There appears to be a lot more attention to detail on this album, on everything from the backing vocals to the small filler guitar riffs, it feels a lot more complete as an album, one you can sit back and think…that's what I got, I cant do no better. But yet as tracks go on it does, it gets better, and better, and better. I would hate to be the person that decides which tracks will be the singles. Obviously their first single 'Miss Murder', which is currently being played on every radio station across the country, it's already had a fantastic reaction, kicking in with a slidey bass riff and all the other members joining in for a chorus of "Hey Miss Murder Can I" this is one of the most catchy "MTV friendly" songs and will be adored by old AFI fans and encourage many new. 'Summer Shudder' too is certain to be a fantastic single with an epic rock sound ringing through the chorus. 'Love Like Winter' brings another different sound to the album with a more electro-rock sound and heart racing guitar riffs that, if listened to in the car it would surely encourage you to stick your foot down!

There is so many fantastic songs on this album it would be difficult to name all the best ones, they have covered all genres on this album which im sure will keep any classic AFI fans crawling and screaming for more. Pop, Rock, Electro, Punk, Classic its all covered and packaged into one fantastic album and I can see December Underground as being their most successful album to date!


Adam Prickett

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