Singer/actress Adrienne Bailon has been left in tears after accidentally exposing herself on the red carpet at a New York event on Thursday (01Mar12).
The former star of Disney group The Cheetah Girls stunned photographers when she turned up at Gotham Hall for a free concert headlined by Mariah Carey, wearing a skimpy cream dress with a completely sheer bottom.
The outfit featured a large, ruffled piece of material meant to help preserve the wearer's modesty, but Bailon, who chose to go without underwear, was left exposed when a light breeze caused the fabric to shift, revealing her bare pubic area.
Bailon appeared to be unaware about the major wardrobe malfunction as she posed for photos, but the explicit images have since been posted on blogs all over the internet - and the star is distraught.
Opening up about the embarrassing incident to rap mogul and founder Russell Simmons, she says, "The wind blew and despite what other girls may do, this is really a terrible accident to me. I'm really upset, but I'm even more upset about what my parents might think.
"I want to be known for my talent. I love the idea of being sexy, but I've never been in this business to sell sex, I've been in this business to sell my talent. The truth is, when you look at the pictures, you don't realise that the wind really did blow my dress, and I don't really know what else to say about it."