Adrien Brody's post-Oscar successes have wrecked the actor's dreams of becoming a rap producer because no one will take his musical efforts seriously.

THE PIANIST star Brody has been recording hip-hop beats for years, but he fears he'll never get the chance to release anything because fans will just assume he's another actor kickstarting a music career.

He says, "Right now it's very much like a meditation for me and it's a wonderful outlet for me when I'm on location. It's a creative outlet for me. I have a lot of good music and it's just a matter of finding the right situation and put it to use.

"I do have aspirations but I haven't been able to apply it because it's complicated, all of a sudden, being Adrien Brody, the famous actor guy making the urban music.

"It conflicts with both crowds, in a way... The intention was to go under a pseudonym but that won't work."

Brody admits his dream is to release an album of material and call on superstar rappers and singers to perform on it.

He adds, "Ultimately, I'd like to find the time and have someone back me and do a collaboration with a bunch of really cool artists, whether it be rappers or female vocalists, and do one cohesive album."