Adrien Brody achieved his ''childhood dream'' of fighting Jackie Chan in 'Dragon Blade'.

The 42 year-old star - who won an Oscar for his performance in the 2002 hit 'The Pianist' - admitted getting the chance to ''play a martial-arts bad guy and fight against Jackie Chan'' is something that he'd been waiting for since he was young.

Adrien explained: ''I grew up seeing martial-arts films with my father, going to Chinatown in New York even before I was exposed to most Hollywood films.

''In the '70s and early '80s my dad would take me to Canal Street in New York and we'd watch these movies in the cinema.''

'Dragon Blade' was rumoured to have had a budget of $65million, meaning it was very different to the low-cost independent films in which he has recently starred.

However, the award-winning actor admitted there are pros and cons to appearing in big-budget movies.

Adrien told Prestige Hong Kong: ''The beauty of having more resources is you have more time, a little bit of room for error, and you have the scale to create an epic, to tell a story of epic proportions - and that's exciting.

''But ultimately the process [of making a film] is the same and it doesn't really vary. I'm not drawn to films based on budget, size, or commercial viability as an actor. In my work as an actor, I've really tried to be motivated by artistic reasons - to find roles that are different and dissimilar to characters I've portrayed and that challenge me.''