Yeah, we knew this was going to happen. We saw it a mile off. As soon as Mark Wahlberg and Doug Ellin announced the Entourage movie, in fact. The beauty of the original HBO series was the subtlety of the cameos, blending the lives of Vinnie Chase, Eric, Turtle, Johnny and Ari with the showbiz circles that we're all familiar with.

EntourageThe Entourage boys are back in town, though the movie fails to make the grade

Much like the Anchorman sequel, the producers appear to have gotten way too over-excited with the movie adaptation, cramming in as many cameos as possible and therefore watering down any attempt at a coherent narrative - or even a coherent attempt at recreating the appeal of the series.

"Did this overstuffed quality of "Entourage," its KFC Double Down too-much-is-not-enough-ness, ultimately work on me? Absolutely not," said Andrew O'Hehir of

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"To Ellin's credit, Entourage looks good and has liberal amounts of flash. But it is a fly trapped in amber, celebrating excess and male privilege in a sexist way that feels very old and decidedly out of step with the 2015 world," said Linda Barnard of Toronto Star.

"Whatever purpose Vince's entourage might have served 10 years ago has long been buried for good in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This isn't a commentary on Tinseltown, but a tepid bachelor party," said Michael Roffman of Consequence of Sound.

"As he did in the show, Ari single-handedly saves the movie version of Entourage from "Medellin"-scale disaster," said Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post, referring to one of Vinnie Chase's less successful projects from the series.

Entourage is out on June 19, 2015

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