In the light of news  that an Entourage movie is finally out, the internet is now wondering – is there any more story left to tell? Of course there are, according to creator Doug Ellin. The big screen version of the critical-darling-turned-nostalgia-watch show came out Friday and the critics are about to have their say.  

Adrian Grenier
Adrian Grenier plays the lead character - the talented, but flighty actor Vincent Chase.

Entourage was one of HBO’s highest-rated half-hour shows, and some seasons the highest, during its run, but viewership still just topped out at an average of 8.3 million (including on-demand and digital viewing) during Season 6. And its dismal performance in syndication, both on Tribune stations and later on Spike, raises a caution flag.

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In lieu of reviews, we’re getting a lot of promotional talk, with some small glimpses into what the Entourage movie holds for hardcore fans (and new fans alike, who, unburdened by memories of a glorious, story-heavy, character-developing past, may just enjoy the film for what it is.)

Check out the trailer for Entourage here.


What it is, is apparently an hour and a half of the gang doing outrageous, if slightly more grown up shenanigans and a far fewer sex scenes – for Adrian Grenier apparently. The film’s weekend earnings are still unknown, but if you’d like to back up the franchise, there’s still time to make it to the theatre. Then again, there’s always Netflix.