Ade Edmondson, star of classic TV comedies ‘Bottom’ and ‘The Young Ones’ has reportedly been cast in the next Star Wars movie, Episode VIII. The unlikely casting is said to have come after Ade made a good impression on both director Rian Johnson and executive producer Jj Abrams.

Ade EdmondsonAde Edmondson has reportedly landed a role in Star Wars Episode VIII.

A source told The Sun: “Ade is one of the most-loved comedy stars in the UK but even he would admit Star Wars is a surprise move for him. While JJ Abrams isn’t directing, he is still heavily involved and he is really keen on British talent.”

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“Ade is starting to go back to his acting roots after doing a lot of reality TV recently and this is a huge deal for him. His character is top secret, like everything else to do with the film and its plot. But given his old comedy characters, it would make sense for them to give him an eccentric part.”

Ade first made his name in the late seventies in BBC comedy ‘The Young Ones’, alongside his comedy partner, the late Rik Mayall. Rik and Ade then went on to star together in sitcom ‘Bottom’ during the nineties.

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But in recent years Ade has moved away from comedy, taking on more serious roles. Earlier this year he starred in the BBC adaptation of ‘War and Peace’ as Count Ilya Rostov. Ade has also won celebrity versions of cooking shows ‘MasterChef’ and ‘The Great British Bake Off’.