Adrian Chiles is dating Catherine Tate. Yep, another one for the ‘bizarre celebrity pairings’ book. TV presenter and ITV football host Chiles has apparently been dating the popular comedian Tate secretly since earlier this year, according to The Sun, who have published snaps of the couple lounging in a Californian park together


Sources told newspaper, “We were surprised to see them being so intimate. They looked very much into each other and had that besotted look in their eyes.” Not as surprised as we are! We weren't exactly crying out for news of Adrian Chiles' girlfriend but now we've got it, we're gobsmacked! Tate, who was previously dating the Take That singer Jason Orange, is thought to have got closer to Chiles after she appeared on his ITV chat show That Sunday Night Show and their relationship blossomed from there. A friend told the UK newspaper “they’re very happy together and love spending time with each other.”

And they finally gave the game away with their relationship when they were photographed enjoying the sunshine in the Santa Monica area of Los Angeles. Both Adrian and Catherine have children of their own. Catherine has a nine year-old daughter from a relationship that ended last year and Adrian has two children by his ex-wife, the Radio Four presenter Jane Garvey. They haven’t moved in together yet but they reportedly spend a lot of time at each other’s houses.