Yesterday (January 23, 2013), we learned that Adele will be performing her song ‘Skyfall’ at next month’s Oscars ceremony. Writing for Chicago Sun-Times, Bill Zwecker revealed that a pre-recorded version of the track will be available on the night and Adele will be prepared to lip-sync if she has to. Make of that what you will, but an Academy insider insists that it’s “merely a safety net” for the show, in case anything goes wrong on the night.

This news comes hot on the heels of Beyonce Knowles’ Presidential Inauguration scandal. The world is still up in arms about whether or not Beyonce was singing live at the Presidential Inauguration on Monday (January 21, 2013). All factors seem to point to her lip-syncing and Beyonce herself has given no word on the matter. Currently, opinion is divided. Some seem to view it as pop music’s greatest scandal and a comic article from The New Yorker has jokingly (we hope!) called for the President’s resignation.

With advance warning that Adele may have to lip sync her Oscars performance, will people be more forgiving? Or would that, too, be unacceptable in our increasingly demanding world? Perhaps all pop stars should start lip syncing their performances, out of solidarity for poor, beleaguered Beyonce? 

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