Adele's Skyfall song has been leaked onto the internet - well, part of it anyway. Bosses behind the new James Bond film had kept the identity of the performer of the official track a secret in spite of overpowering rumours and even words from the 23 year-old's celebrity pals that seemed to suggest Adele was going to be the voice behind the song.

Now a clip of the track featuring Adele has leaked onto the internet and fans of both Bond and the singer have clamoured around to hear what the 90 second snippet can tell us about the whole song. The results, to be honest, are pretty much what you would come into an Adele Bond song expecting. The soulful, powerful voice of the performer was always a perfect fit for the sort of slow building foreboding ballad that Shirley Bassey and Tina Turner produced when they took on the Bond theme challenge, and the track fits very much into that mould with Adele unfurling her big voice over a simple set of piano chords that soon opens up into a cinematic string-laden backdrop. The modern twist comes with sampled percussion in the background to give the track a slightly less live feel.

Aside from that though it sounds like it's going to be business as usual, and though this may disappoint people who'd hoped that the increasing change in the Bond scripts over the years might mean a new take on the soundtrack, it looks like in some aspects of it, tradition continues to rule all.