The Billboard chart holds few surprises this year as British boyband One Direction took the top spot for new artist or group.  

It’s been the year of the British invasion of the American charts, with the UK act’s success and Adele topping the charts in five categories – best album, artist, female, Billboard 200 artist and album. The diva is on a roll, but who can argue with that? Even those, who aren’t particularly fond of the Brit’s music (we haven’t met any so far) would have to admit that 21 is a solid album and well worth of the recognition it’s getting. Well, that certainly makes up for the single 'Skyfall' failing to top UK charts this year.

Some other notable additions to the chart are Drake, for best male and best R&B artist, as well as (can you guess?) Taylor Swift for best country artist in a turn of events, which surprised, well, no-one. Meanwhile, Gotye and Carly Rae Jepsen have been named 2012’s best selling acts. Perhaps this is a testament to the internet’s power in creating celebrities, but we’re more inclined to take it as proof of everyone’s love of incessant, easy-to-remember jingles. That isn’t to say of course, that we haven’t listened to Call Me Maybe a couple (hundred) times ourselves.