Adele gives Beth Ditto ''chills''.

The Gossip lead singer is a huge fan of the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker, praising her talent and beauty.

She said: ''I love Adele so much and it's honestly not because we're both big. I love that she's a f***ing singer and that she just so happens to be beautiful. It gives me chills to think about it.''

Beth is renowned for her eccentric style and revealed she is a big fan of androgynous fashion, like that worn by La Roux.

She said: ''I feel really proud of people like La Roux and Tilda Swinton - people who have really made a look work for them that's more about who they are and isn't so gender focused.''

Beth's childhood idols included Madonna and Priscilla Presley and she admitted to being fascinated by the former's famous facial mole during the 1980s.

She added to Stylist magazine: ''I love the way Priscilla Presley looked. I thought she was incredible. And Madonna's mole - I thought it was fascinating that you could just draw on a mole.''