Adele might be getting ready to drop her third album later this year, but don’t expect the singer to be hitting the road anytime soon. According to the Sunday People, the Grammy winner will say no to an £80 million pay day to tour her new album, because she doesn’t want to take her three-year old son on the road.

AdeleAdele is expected not to tour her new album.

The Sunday People reports that the singer has had a string of big money offers from concert organisers but she is yet to agree to any gigs at all in 2016, instead hinting that she wants to stay at home with her family.

One source told the newspaper, “The album may be coming out, but at this moment in time there are absolutely no concrete plans for a tour. In fact people at the label admit they are clueless whether Adele will tour at all.”

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"Firstly it’s understood she is not keen to travel around the world with her son as she adores her quiet family life away from fame and fortune,” the source added.

But the singer is also said to be concerned about what effect a tour could have on her voice, after she underwent career saving surgery in 2012. “Also ever since her throat surgery there has been discussions about how much strain she would have to put her vocal chords under during a lengthy tour,” the source added.

"Specialists have warned that repeated straining of vocal chords could lead to a relapse of her vocal chord breakage. That is of course a huge concern for everyone within the Adele camp. Under no circumstances do the label want to set Adele back by impacting her voice.”

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Promoters believe that prices to see the ‘Skyfall’ singer could reach more £100 a ticket and still sell out huge venues worldwide. The source added, “This is the tour that every promoter wants to bag - but at the moment nobody has had any success, despite offers of tens of millions of pounds. It’s one of those occasions where it isn’t about the money.”

Adele’s third album, which follows 2011’s 21, will be released this Novebmer, Billboard reported earlier in the week. The singer is said to have been working with Danger Mouse on the album, while producer Max Martin has contributed a single.