Given her overwhelming success across the globe and regular appearances on stage, you wouldn't expect Adele to be the type of person to suffer from stage fright. With her upcoming Oscar performance though, this is exactly the case for the songstress.

Adele is set to perform her Oscar-nominated James Bond theme tune 'Skyfall' at the ceremony on February 24, but according to The Sun the singer is so weary and anxious about her upcoming gig that she’s suffering from panic attacks and insomnia. To help her get over this prevailing problem with her nerves, she is now believed to be seeking all the help see can get, including undertaking hypnotherapy sessions.

If this wasn't bad enough for the singer, according to some of her friends things took a turn for the worse when she discovered that her idol Barbara Streisand will also be performing there. A source told the paper: “A friend in LA recommended the hypnotherapist because Adele was getting so nervous about the gig." The source added, “She has been rehearsing for the show with an orchestra, but all the preparation in the world isn’t enough to keep her calm.

Apparently, this isn't the first time Adele has been struck down with stage fright as she was so nervous before going on stage at last years Grammys that she ended up vomiting in the toilets before she took to the stage. Naturally, she doesn't want a repeat of this at the Oscars.