Adele is rumoured to be recording a song for the new James Bond film.

The 'Someone Like You' singer was spotted at Abbey Road studio earlier this month, where the soundtrack for 'Skyfall' is being produced, with producer Paul Epworth.

Adele, 24, hinted last year on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' she'd been offered the '007' spot and Chris Cornell, who recroded the theme song for 'Casino Royale', thinks she is the ''perfect choice.''

He told MTV News today (12.09.12): ''I can't think of a better one. She's phenomenal and it's nice, in a day and age where so many vocals are fixed by computers, that the biggest album of last year was somebody who sings For Real.''

It is thought Adele could be recording a special track to be played over the film's closing credits.

The process of choosing the title song for a James Bond film is thorough, with several artists each recording their own song and submitting them to the producers, who then make a decision on which one to have.

Other famous musicians who have recorded songs for James Bond soundtracks include Sir Paul McCartney, Dame Shirley Bassey, Duran Duran, Tina Turner, Tom Jones and Madonna.

The late Amy Winehouse's was to submit a track for last film 'Quantum of Solace' but recording sessions were abandoned as she was unfit to record, and the title song was performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys.

'Skyfall' will see Daniel Craig reprise his role as James Bond, alongside Naomie Harris, Dame Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem.