A man claiming to be Adele's former boyfriend and inspiration has come forward during a song request on the radio. The man, who identified himself as Giles, talked about how he and Adele engaged in a ''whirlwind romance'', and he still thinks about her from time to time. Giles phoned into British breakfast radio show on 'Magic FM', hosted by Neil Fox, on Tuesday 19th February, 2013. He requested Elvis Presley's hit 'Always on My Mind' to be played, and then explained his reasons. 

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''Why that one?" asked Giles, before clarifying: "Well it's for an old flame of mine, a very old flame called Michelle Adkins. I'd like to let her know that I'm thinking of her. She's done pretty well these days. She's actually changed her name to Adele Adkins in recent years.'' After being asked for more information about the relationship, Giles described: ''a whirlwind romance many years ago'', and added: ''It was fun and eventful. All I can stay is it's all in the lyrics if you know what I mean."

While Adele herself has never revealed any information about the people that inspired her heart-breaking early work, Giles continued to state that: ''I took her to the Albert Hall when it was empty and before she only had two songs to her name and I said 'one day my darling you'll be a star and you'll be playing the Albert Hall' and she then she did play albert hall and a lot else besides. She's done brilliantly so God bless her. God bless her little cotton socks.''

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This isn't the first time an alleged ex-boyfriend has come forward, as 32-year-old photographer Alex Sturrock claimed to be the inspiration for Adele's album, '21'. The 24-year-old singer is now in a relationship with Simon Konecki, and the couple recently had their first child - Angelo James - in October. She has previously stated that certain songs of hers were written in order to get over relationships, leading to her shedding a tear over the lyrics for 'Someone Like You' during a performance at the 2011 Brit Awards.