Adele’s highly anticipated third album 25 has reportedly leaked online just days before its official release. Clips of songs from the new record appeared on social media, Tuesday night, with some fans being able to access the songs three days early.

AdeleAdele’s 25 has leaked online days before its release.

ITV News reports that they were able to preview the songs through a link posted on Twitter, Tuesday evening. The links appeared to be from an account named ‘25 is coming’ which has since been removed.

The Sun also reports of a separate leak with London-based store Juno Records posting two-minutes of the 11 songs on their sales website. That link was said to have been removed less than 20 minutes after it was posted. The store is yet to comment.

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Cosmopolitan writer Eliza Thompson said she was able to preview the album and told fans to to “stock up on copious wine because you’re going to need it”. “‘Hello’ isn’t the only song on 25 that will have you crying in public,” she added.

Adele’s reps were also forced to deny that Target stores in the US had been selling the album early after someone tweeted a picture of what appeared to be the new CD. Twitter account @HausofFrancis posted a photo claiming to be of the record which they said was purchased in a Target store and wrote ‘Just copped that new Adele album at Target retweet if you want me to leak it.’

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A rep for the singer told The Mirror, "The Target sales are not true.” The account later tweeted, ‘Adele's representatives have been threatening to bomb my house if her album flops.’ 25 will officially hit record stores and online on Friday (November 20th).

That same night on BBC 1, Graham Norton will host a special one hour program titled, ‘Adele at the BBC’. It will feature the singer performing ‘some of her world-famous classic tracks, as well as eagerly awaited new material, accompanied by her band in front of a live studio audience,’ according to the show's synopsis.