Adele is a very special artist and, having kept her legions of fans waiting for her third album for over four years, she’s finally breaking the drought and is due to release her latest work on November, 20. However, despite the fact that Adele has sold over 40 million albums, experts fear that the chart complication album Now! That’s What I Call Music could keep the Skyfall singer off the top spot.

AdeleAdele has won countless awards for her music

The chart album announced its own release on the same day as Adele’s even though other artists, including One Direction, are said to have pushed back their own album releases to avoid competing with the 27-year-old singer.

Retailers believe that Now! 92 could win the Christmas chart battle, particularly because of its bargain price.

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Last Christmas’ equivalent, Now! 89, became the fast-selling album of 2014 with one million sales in just over five weeks.

A source told The Telegraph that Adele was "brave" if she decided to stick to that date.

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 The source said: "Now! has bagged November 20 and it won’t be moving.

"People expect the Adele album to single-handedly rescue the record industry but the Now! series is actually what has been keeping sales afloat.

"The good news for retailers is these albums will draw a lot of casual purchasers into store."

Adele has yet to unveil the title of her album but it is believed to have a working title of 25.