The chairman of the BRIT Awards has revealed that tomorrow evening they will be ‘rewriting the wrong’ they inflicted on Adele, after the multi-million selling artist – who near enough kept the UK music industry afloat in 2011 and 2012 – was cut off during her album of the year acceptance speech at the 2012 ceremony.

Adele was cut off so that Britpop veterans Blur – who’d taken that year’s outstanding contribution award – could play out the show; however the star was understandably furious, giving a gesture as she was cut off. It’s something that BRIT chairman David Joseph recognised was wrong, in an interview given to The Guardian. "How can you take an artist who has made the biggest cultural impact musically this country has seen globally for some time and cut her off in the middle of her speech?" he said. "I very much to this day question what was happening in that control booth. I can hint that something is going to happen this year to rewrite that wrong."

Joseph also said that he had told broadcasting network ITV they should run into a commercial break if a similar situation arose this year. "I think Adele was totally justified expressing how she felt. It was a very big moment for her, but I'd stay tuned to this year's show to see if there is any form of squaring of that circle."

Adele at the Brits 2012

Adele at the Brit Awards in 2012