Fans of the late Kurdish singer Ahmet Kaya have accused Adele of ripping off his track, ‘Acilara Tutunmak (Clinging to Pain)’ for her song 'Million Years Ago', from new album 25. Kaya’s fans have taken to twitter to point out the similarities between the songs, with some labelling Adele a ‘thief’.

AdeleAdele has been accused of ripping-off a song by Kurdish musician Ahmet Kaya.

On twitter one fan wrote, “Adele has stolen from us.” Another shared an image of Kaya and Adele with the caption: “God damn you, thief.” 'Million Years Ago', from 25 details the singer's feelings of isolation as she struggles to deal with fame.

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Kaya was a renowned Kurdish singer from Malatya, Turkey. He died in exile in Paris in 2000 and is buried in the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery. ‘Acilara Tutunmak (Clinging to Pain)’ was released in 1985 and appears on the album of the same name.

But speaking to Turkish newspaper Posta, Kaya’s widow Gülten Kaya said she believed it was unlikely that Adele had copied the song. “If she consciously did it then it would be theft,” Kaya added.

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But it’s not the first time Adele has been accused of ripping-off another artist for one of 25’s tracks. In October Tom Waits fans pointed out the similarities between his 1973 song ‘Martha’ and Adele’s ‘Hello’. Adele has not yet responded to either accusation of plagiarism.