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Adele 19 Album

If you haven't heard of Adele yet, then where have you been for the last few months? This British soul singer has been tipped for great things in 2008 and has already made her mark on the music scene with the successful release of her smash-hit debut single "Chasing Pavements". Surely you're probably thinking you've heard it all before.and you're probably right. Her sound is Amy Winehouse meets Kate Nash in a Smokey basement. Her music is abundant in powerful soul; tales of love, loss and a million other things besides. It's articulate and holds relevance for the listener, in some shape or form. She empathises well with her audience and commands ones complete devotion to her subtle and soothing melodies and her heart-warming lyrics.

Songs that stick out straight away are "Chasing Pavements", "First Love", "Right as Rain" and "Hometown Glory".

She is destined to be huge this year, without doubt.

Danny Black


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