Movie comedian Adam Sandler booked his father's favourite singer, Leon Redbone, to sing at is wedding. Sandler's father, Stan, was dying when he assured him that he would make it to the star's wedding. In order to say 'thank you', Sandler treated his father to a live performance from his favourite musician just for him. He explained the reasoning with: "It was so that my father could have a great night. He was like, 'This is great,' and my mother whispers to him, 'You couldn't say Pavarotti?'"

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Sadly, Sandler's father died not long after the wedding took place, and was followed by a series of deaths in the family. This ended with the death of the star's bulldog, Meatball, who passed earlier in February, 2004. The '50 First Dates' star noticed that his father had to die before the family pet, saying: When Meatball died we had a big shiva. 100 people came up to our house and we traded Meatball stories. I had a cantor come up and sing prayers for the dog and I know that if my father was alive, he'd be like, 'Just bury him, you moron. It's a dog.'"

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On 11th February 2004, Sandler appeared on 'The Late Show', and gave a touching musical tribute to his father by performing a song entitled 'Stan the Man'. The song featured more than one joke about his father, one being: "Thanks for telling me to punch another kid in the face if he made an anti-Semitic remark," and then later "Take advantage of being in heaven. Go bang Marilyn Monroe."