Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt, two movie fans from New Zealand, have woken up at 9am every Monday for the last 47 weeks to watch Adam Sandler's critically derided comedy movie Grown Ups 2. Afterwards, they talk about the movie in their podcast, The Worst Idea of All Time.

Grown Ups 2Adam Sandler's comedy sequel Grown Ups 2 was a critical disaster

Now, the guys have just a few weeks to go until they've officially watched and reviewed Grown Ups 2 every Monday for a year. 

After each viewing, they talk about the experience on a podcast, appropriately entitled The Worst Idea of All Time. In conversation with Vice, the pair spoke about how their healthy dislike for the movie transformed into full on hatred.

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"We kicked around a few ideas early on," Tim said of why they chose Grown Ups 2, "One of the ones we floated originally was Con Air, but we decided it was too good. I briefly toyed with the idea of The Room, but that's so bad that it's enjoyable. Then we thought of the Grown Ups movie because it's such a weird movie. So many funny people are in it, but it wasn't very well received."

"It's given me quite intense mood swings," said Montgomery, "I'll fluctuate wildly between watching a joke they've written, and five minutes later, I'll be in the pits of despair. We've been doing this weird roleplaying where we are the film producers. We maintained character for an hour and then I just snapped."

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Despite being commercially sound, Grown Ups 2 holds a score of 7% on Rotten Tomatoes.

"Sandler's films have always been stupid, but the early stuff is pretty harmless; here the jokes almost always come at the expense of someone else, the kind of needless bullying one expects of a YouTube comment section," said Drew Hunt of the Chicago Reader.