Adam Sandler's alleged humour responds with teenage boys, and teenage boys at heart, around the world. His films contain enough toilet humour and slapstick comedy to rival The Three Stooges. Unfortunately, few of them have ever gone down well with the critics. 

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler stars in Blended - but will it become one of his worst films ever?

His latest film, Blended, starring Drew Barrymore follows two single parents as they endure a disastrous blind date. Evidently despising each other, they are forced to meet again following a mix up and somewhere end up on vacation in Africa along with their numerous children. It's a fairly obvious cocktail, disgust will turn to love on the plains of Africa and the two will manage to unite their families. Along the way there'll be a host of silly antics and misunderstandings which will quickly be swept under the carpet whilst the sun sets on a romantic first kiss. 

The film appears to have been set in a Disneyland version of 'Africa', where tourists potter around safari on what appear to be golf carts whilst enjoying the plush Vegas style hotel complete with friendly singing locals. Sandler also appears unaware that Africa is the largest Continent on Earth yet continues to refer to his vacation spot simply as 'Africa'. 

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore stars in Blended.

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The film has been panned, to say the least, by critics who are appalled at Sandler's inability to produce something outside of his relatively small comedic box. The film has been described as "good only by Adam Sandler standards" (AV Club) and merely "better than average" (The Wrap). Neither reviews inspire much enthusiasm nor is Blended set to be one of Sandler's 'better' films. Indeed, it may just join some of the worst but if you want to judge for yourself, Blended is released in cinemas on 23rd May.  

Here's five of his worst, in order of bad to, well, worse according to critics' reviews...

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler won a place in the hearts of adolescent boys worldwide in the 90's.