All of the actors brought their children to Toronto to shoot the movie and the Waterboy star thought it would be a good idea for the kids to have somewhere to hang out and have fun.

Jane Krakowski, who plays First Lady Jane Cooper in the movie, says, "Adam Sandler is such a great and generous guy to work with and for.

"All of us had kids coming to film and he had set up a camp for the kids, so everyday, when we went to our camp, the kids went to theirs and went swimming and learned arts and crafts and made little homemade movies. It was really, very great."

The children also got to take in their surroundings and took a visit to a local themepark.

She continues, "It was like an old-fashioned amusement park for kids."

Sandler was all about family while filming too - his wife Jackie portrays President Cooper's assistant, while the couple's daughters Sadie and Sunny have cameos, as does Sandler's nephew Jared and co-star Kevin James' kids Shea and Sienna.