Adam Sandler was recently horrified to discover his maid had been rubbing poison ivy all over his body as he slept as payback for having to handle the actor's dirty underwear.

The Big Daddy star had no idea how he had contracted the itchy skin rash, and so he turned to his household security camera footage to ensure he wasn't rummaging through his yard in his sleep.

And Sandler reveals he was shocked to discover who was responsible for all his discomfort.

He tells U.S. Tv host Jay Leno, "It was a horrific event. When you get that as a kid it makes sense, but a man my age, it doesn't make too much sense because I don't even go... in the woods... So I thought maybe I was sleep walking or something like that...

"The security camera in my house, I put it on me in my bed to see what I do, and a housekeeper kept coming in and rubbing poison ivy all over my body while I slept and I was like, 'What the hell is going on? Why is this lady doing that to me?' So I wake up in the morning, I said, 'Hey, what's the deal? It's itchy, what you're doing to me is wrong. I caught you. Why (did) you do that to me? I'm very nice to you.'

"She went to the laundry hamper and pulled out my underwear and (pointed to the stains) and she said, 'That's why'."