The Waterboy star jokingly explains he sometimes reacts too soon and when his daughters look for his approval they are disappointed because they missed it.

Dishing out the advice to U.S. late night host Jimmy Fallon, who has two small daughters of his own, he says, "I wanted to tell you some good advice I learned this weekend - I was in New Hampshire. This is good, because we both have two girls each, this is good advice that I want to pass on because mine are a little older.

"When you go swimming with the kids, when your kids go off the diving board... and they say, 'Daddy, watch this', and they do something like a cartwheel off the diving board and into the pool. You have to delay your reaction because I get yelled at.

"They did the cartwheel, I go, 'Yeah way to go, that's awesome', and then they come up out of the water and I'd be staring at them. They'll be like, 'You didn't like it?'"