The Billy Madison star filmed the movie in Toronto and he initially thought residents would be happy about seeing celebrities across the street. However, the shoot turned into a logistical nightmare and frustrated citizens.

He says, "Toronto was the greatest, I shot Billy Madison there 20 years ago, so 20 years later they have all these incredible restaurants and all these great people. It was the best summer... but the Pac-Man sequence took two weeks to shoot and the locations guy kept saying, 'We got all of this certain area, we're doing Pac-Man there, it's so awesome to shoot'.

"It started at like four o'clock at night (and) we would take over the area and Pac-Man is running through and we have all these extras; it was like a monster movie, all these (special) effects. I thought I was going to be, like, the king of the town, (but) they were so mad at me for shutting down the neighbourhood.

"Day one it was like, 'What's up Adam? Ruining everything, I got to drive (all over) to get home'. I was like, 'I got two weeks of this, of people hating my guts'. But we got through it."