In probably the most thrilling edition of Carpool Karaoke yet, Adam Levine joined James Corden on the 'Late Late Show' segment this week. They talked bad band names, raising 'Angelino' children and balancing acts - but also managed to dangerously conquer a race track and get pulled over by cops.

Adam Levine performing liveAdam Levine performing live

The pair sang Maroon 5 classics like 'Moves Like Jagger', 'This Love', 'She Will Be Loved' and 'Sugar', as well as the latest single 'Wait' from their 2017 album 'Red Pill Blues'. But the group weren't always going to be called Maroon 5 - indeed, their first proper name was the fairly terrible 'Kara's Flowers'.

'Band names are kind of supposed to be bad', Adam insisted. 'Usually a good name, a great band name, means the music has to be terrible... We thought because it was terrible, we were destined for success.' James Corden paid tribute to the old name with a fake tattoo of Adam's face on his arm bearing the legend 'Kara's Flowers'.

Even if he isn't any good at band names, he does have a very unusual talent: Adam proved that he can balance anything from a broom to a lifesize cardboard cut-out of James Corden on his face. It's pretty impressive stuff, but he also has a remarkable ability to stay cool when faced with the law.

While singing 'She Will Be Loved', they heard police sirens behind them, and a cop pulled into the lane opposite. 'I want to pull you over so he can sing a song for me', he joked, before claiming that they were 'causing a traffic hazard'. They complied, but then the officer simply told them to 'be careful' and drove off.

'I don't know what quite happened there', a slightly shaken James confessed. 'I completely panicked. How are you so chilled about [it]? A sheriff just pulled us over and you're completely nonplussed by it.'

The conversation turned to Adam's fondness of racecar driving, and they ended up at the Porsche Experience Center with the intention of beating each other's times. 

A particularly anxious-looking Adam informed clear first-timer James that he was 'very bad at this', but the host still managed to beat the singer despite his experience - though James did task him with answering general knowledge questions at the same time, such as: who is the Queen married to? ('The King') and which school does Harry Potter attend? ('I'm not a f***ing nerd'). 

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Well, that's one edition of Carpool Karaoke we won't be forgetting.