So, Adam Lambert has finally gone and said what loads of folks were thinking anyway: the cast of Les Miserables aren’t exactly the best singers in Hollywood, so why cast them in a musical? Lambert went to see the new movie adaptation of the successful stage play and posted a string of his own reactions to the movie, on his Twitter feed.

The first of those musings read thus: “Les Mis: Visually impressive w great Emotional performances. But the score suffered massively with great actors PRETENDING to be singers.” And he continued: “'s an opera. Hollywoods movie musicals treat the singing as the last priority. (Dreamgirls was good).” Lucky Dreamgirls, there, escaping the wrath of Lambert. However, despite denouncing the cast as not being quite up to scratch with their vocal technique, Lambert then backtracked a little (possibly not wanting to burn every showbiz bridge in town) by saying (and later reiterating) that he thought Anne Hathaway’s performance was great, as was Sasha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter.

“Sorry for being harsh but it’s so True!” he tweeted later on, before urging his naysayers to chill out and let him have his opinion, tweeting "OPINIONS!!! We all got em! Keep Calm and Discuss!” What do you think? Has he got a good point? Or is there a touch of the green eyed monster at play here? 

Watch the trailer for Les Miserables