Adam Lambert's injured nose had to be Photoshopped out of his upcoming album's cover art.

The 'American Idol' alum and Queen singer's nose got sliced by a piece of sugar glass for the striking image of the star walking through a broken window.

He told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "My nose got sliced making my album cover.

“On the first take of the photo, a pane of sugar glass was dropped straight onto my head – and it sliced into my nose.”

He quipped: “I don’t hold my record company responsible for my injuries.

“I was fine, but I did suggest, ‘Hmm, maybe let’s change the angle of how we drop the glass next time.’

“We Photoshopped my injury out on the finished artwork.”

'High Drama', released on February 24, boasts Adam's covers of songs by the likes of Billie Eilish, Sia and Kings of Leon, and the most recent is his spin on Duran Duran's 'Ordinary World'.

The 40-year-old star has performed frontman duties for the 'We Will Rock You' group since 2012, in the place of late frontman Freddie Mercury, and admitted he copied one of the iconic singer's boozy vocal techniques for his cover of Lana Del Rey's 'West Coast'.

He said: "I’d just finished recording my version of 'Sex on Fire' and my voice felt really raw.

“Brian May [Queen's guitarist] told me how Freddie wasn’t well when he recorded, I think it was 'Who Wants To Live Forever' [some time in 1986].

“Freddie prepared his voice by having a shot of vodka and recording his vocal in one take.

“I had tequila instead of vodka, then I sang this raw and Led Zeppelin-like version of Lana’s song – in one take too.”