Adam Lambert is ''in the right headspace'' to meet a new partner.

The 'Roses' singer split from Spanish model Javi Costa Polo last year, but he has admitted he is ready to embark on a new relationship, whilst he suggested that he felt he needed to end things between them because it wasn't ''working''.

Speaking about the tracks on his latest album, 'Velvet', which documents his love life and self-love, too, he told HuffPost US: '''Superpower' is still very much sort of an anthem for me. The idea of taking control and taking back your power. I think on a personal level I've been heading that way and professionally, too.

''It really embodies this whole thing that I'm talking about in taking the reins. But also 'Velvet' is a really playful song. I feel like that's my romantic side coming out. That's me saying and wanting something that's lovely and full of joy and being able to find it and putting that out there into the world. I mean I'm currently single right now, but I'm definitely in the right headspace, so that's exciting.''

And Adam feels his album documents his ''search and experience of love'' in all different forms.

Asked if he meant the headspace to find a new lover, he continued: ''Yes, to meet someone new and in general in life - both. That's the thing about the album is that I think overall it is an exploration of love.

''There's self-love, which is reflected in 'Superpower' and in 'Stranger You Are' and 'Ready to Run' - having self-worth to make changes and to get out of things if it's not right. And then some like 'Roses' and 'Love Don't', which are like, 'OK, this is not working. This isn't enough'

''But being able to be self-assured enough to realise that. And then there's songs that are fully fabulous and fun, and 'Velvet' is one of them. It's a celebration. But it's all about love. It all comes down to this kind of search and experience of love in different forms.''

Adam and Javi were first rumoured to be seeing each other after they sat together at the 2019 Oscars, but they split late last year.