Adam Lambert has praised Lil Nas X for "pushing it" when it comes to sexuality and gender evolving.

The 39-year-old singer - who is openly gay - believes the 22-year-old singer is a "proper pop star" and he loves how he isn't afraid to "get in people's faces" when it comes to fighting for what he believes in, but he admits there is still "a lot of work to be done".

When asked how he feels about the way sexuality and gender are evolving in 2022, Adam said: "Mine's evolving lovely. I'm so happy we're moving the needle.

"There's a lot of work to be done, but someone like Lil Nas, he's a proper pop star at this point, lots of hits, streams eyes on him.

"Not only that, but he's pushing it. He's not afraid of controversy, to get in people's faces, challenge people.

"He's on Twitter, clapping back. It's brilliant, funny, irreverent, confident.

"And he's, what, 23 [sic]?!"

Adam admires Nas so much he was recently starstruck when he met him at a house party, and he felt the same when he came face-to-face with Dua Lipa.

He added to Attitude magazine: "When was I last starstruck? I recently met Dua Lipa - that was cute! She's super down-to-earth.

"I love people who are on the rise but are very kind.

"I met Lil Nas X at a house party last month - so sweet. I went up to him.

"I was like, 'This is a who's who...' But it felt normal."