Review of Gemstones Album by Adam Green

Adam Green

Adam Green -Gemstones - Rough Trade - Release Date: 24 January 2005 - Album Review

Adam Green


Rough Trade

Release Date: 24 January 2005

Adam Green, of Moldy Peaches fame, has once again delivered a care-free album which is a real pleasure to listen to. Never short of a twisted sense of humour, surreal obscenities strategically placed on the opening lines of songs such as Carolina (“Carolina, she’s from Texas, red bricks drop from her vagina”), and many other eccentric references, this modern troubadour accompanies us in a trip across

Adam Green -Gemstones -Rough Trade -Release Date: 24 January 2005 - Album Review

odd situations of everyday America - without ever removing the smile from our faces, and mostly causing us sudden bursts of laughs. Maybe your heart won’t be touched by the romance of a song called Chubby Princess nor by the description of a “Brat with a sterilised pitchfork”, but they will certainly cause a reaction. Maybe you’ll even get confused by the nonchalant sexual imagery, shocked at how many times he throws in the word “cock”, or in extreme cases offended.

But in aid of Green come the mastery of folk guitar, to-die-for harmonies, catchy blues moments – the organ riff in Over The Sunrise - country atmospheres and cleverly written lyrics. The pieces of this crazy puzzle all fit together perfectly, if you have the right spirit and you’re prepared not to take things seriously sometimes.

Giada Arnone