British rocker Adam Ficek has cheated death in an horrific car crash while on tour in Japan.
The former Babyshambles drummer is currently on a solo trek of the Far East but has been left with a wrist injury after the vehicle he was travelling in suffered a double blowout on a highway.
The car spun out of control and ended up sideways across the three-lane road as other motorists desperately swerved to avoid smashing into it.
And Ficek can't believe he escaped the accident relatively unscathed, telling fans: "I now have eight lives."
The rocker has arranged to have his bruised wrist strapped but has vowed to continue with the tour.
Taking to his blog, he writes, "Awoken with painful wrist, result of near death 2 tyre blow out on motorway, ended up 45 degree angle in middle lane... That's what happens kids when your driver (is) tired, suddenly bump bump, swerve, beeep, cripes... scared... came out of it alive but whacked my wrist... off to find wrist thingy. Am still alive though."