If Adam Driver’s on-screen girlfriend, Lena Dunham, is to be believed, then the ‘Girls’ star has landed a role on J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars reboot, Episode VII. Driver will, according to Variety, play a role not too dissimilar to Darth Vader.

Adam Driver and Lena DunhamAdam Driver, Star Wars? He and Lena Dunham celebrate after another successful night for Dunham's smash, Girls

The news came in what appeared to be a misstep from Dunham, who tweeted how proud she was that her colleague and friend has landed such a prestigious role.

“We're VERY proud of Adam Driver re: Star Wars. He's about to rip a hole in da force. Is that a thing? I guess I should see those movies?,” she posted to Twitter before realising she may have said too much.

She followed up with: “I confirm nothing bc I know nothing bc I'm on a plane with my dad! I just like Adam more than almost anyone, and Jj Abrams a whole lot too,” and, “Arm Rest Wars: a trilogy about my father and me on this plane that also stars Lamby and a bag of nuts. I'm dumb.”

Doubts were cast over Driver’s availability to play the role at first; his priorities lay with HBO and Dunham, who are set to go to a fourth season with Girls.

Sources speaking to Variety have backed up those claims, suggesting that Driver - who recently starred in the Coen Brothers’ ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ – will play an evil characters in the vein of the iconic Darth Vader.

He is the first cast member to be officially announced, while Michael Fassbender and Hugo Weaving were reportedly considered for the villain role.

Driver has proven popular since his role as Hannah’s love interest on the HBO series, ‘Girls’. Aside from ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, the 30-year-old actor has starred in ‘Francis Ha’ and ‘Lincoln’.

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