Adam Driver believes there’s a “weirdly paternal” relationship that develops between actors and directors, something which he experienced when working with one of his heroes, Martin Scorsese.

Driver worked with Scorsese on historical drama Silence and was initially intimidated by the legendary director. However Driver soon found that Scorsese was very good at “demystifying himself” and allowing actors to take ownership of their role.

Adam DriverAdam Driver in Silence

Speaking about the relationship that develops between actors and directors on set, Driver said: “I think there’s some weirdly paternal thing that happens, with the actor/director relationship.

“Actors are very people pleasing people, I think and no where is that more obvious than on a set with a director. You're like ‘oh my god like me, tell me what to do, I’ll do it, whatever it is you say’ and (Scorsese) doesn’t want that. He wants you to rebel against him and take ownership of your part.”

Driver said he grew up watching Scorsese’s films and describes him as “the tip of the pyramid as far as directors alive today”, however that meant the actor went into filming with a few preconceived notions.

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“You can't help but go in with a preconceived idea of what he’s going to be like,” Driver explained. “I don’t know what that is now, in retrospect, after having worked with him.

“But there’s just so much fear and reverence and you just cant help but be intimated by it. But he’s very good at demystifying himself and making it about focusing on the details.”

As for Scorsese’s approach, Driver says the director makes sure it's a team effort on set. “He’s a great collaborator,” Driver added.

“He gets people together and wants to hear their opinions and doesn't think it ends with him. A person who approaches things that are new with curiosity, as opposed to judgement, I think is a rare quality to have.”

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