Andy AKA the Modern Family manny, is fast becoming one of the most popular characters in the series. He’s revitalised season 5 of the hit show with his particular brand of loveable dorkishness and far from being annoying (as we had initially worried he may be) he’s emerged as an integral cast member.  He's also super popular with fans of the show, who are hoping to see more of him in Modern Family Season 6.  We are too, particularly with the cliffhanger that the Modern Family finale left us with regarding Andy and Haley!

Adam Devine Andy Modern FamilyAndy, played by actor Adam DeVine, is becoming one of the most popular Modern Family characters

But just why do we love Andy so much?  Here's just a couple of reasons.

He gives us a glimpse of what Phil was like when he was young

We all know that Phil Dunphy is the unsurpassable dork of the series (all of the characters apart from Phil know this too!), but it’s the reason that we love him so much. With all the naivety of a child, Phil always looks at the world through rose coloured glasses and sees the best in everyone. He has a partner-in-crime now that sensitive Andy is on the scene and whenever the two team up it’s comic gold. Who didn’t get a stitch from laughing watching those two filming a video for Andy’s girlfriend Beth before recreating Gravity? You guys.

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He brings out a softer side in Haley

These two have palpable chemistry, whether or not Haley the maneater wants to admit it! Although she always makes fun of him, Haley is finally coming to terms with the fact that she may have feelings for Andy. In The Wedding Part II, she consoles him and tells him that he deserves a better girlfriend than Beth. Her sister Alex puts a spanner in the works, telling Haley not to mess around with his feelings as he may get hurt, so when Andy calls her she doesn’t tell him how she feels. We’re hoping to see their relationship blossom in Modern Family Season 6.

He’s got a great sense of humour, that wasn't immediately obvious

Andy may come across as totally unaware of quite how over the top he can be sometimes, but he’s got a good enough sense of humour to poke fun at himself. That’s why Haley’s attempts to poke fun at him always fall flat, he knows what he is and likes it! He’s a dorky character, but he accepts that and owns it.  Now it's just up to Haley to see that she's fallen for a man exactly like her dad!

Adam Devine Andy Modern FamilyWill Andy and Haley (played by Sarah Hyland, pictured above) get together in Modern Family season 6?

We can't wait to see more of Andy in the next season of Modern Family.  Have you grown as fond of him as we have?

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