Adam Brody has blasted method acting as “f****** boring”.

The 43-year-old ‘O.C.’ actor’s latest project was starring in Netflix’s remake of 1994 thriller ‘River Wild’ – that saw Meryl Streep’s rafting holiday take a deadly turn – but he said he didn’t use so-called immersive acting techniques in the movie reboot, like Jeremy Strong in ‘Succession’.

Adam – who plays a heavily-tattooed ex-convict who will stop at nothing to make sure he never returns to prison and who terrorises a character played by his real-life wife Leighton Meester, 37 – told the Variety podcast about the prospect of going method: “It sounds f****** boring more than anything to me It sounds ungodly boring, but hats off to them.

“Hats off to people that don’t watch their stuff, are Method… I don’t know, is it lacking that I can turn it off so quickly?

“I don’t know. I’m more comfortable this way. And it just seems so profoundly uncomfortable and also boring.”

Critics say Adam’s turn in the ‘River Wild’ remake is “terrifying” and he admitted about his scenes opposite his wife: “I tried to kill her for a fair amount of the movie. I wouldn’t have picked this for us.

“It came to me… fully formed from a friend to both of us, but this isn’t something I was looking to do together.”

When filming wrapped, Adam had to have surgery after an old shoulder injury flared during shooting.

He added: “I had an old injury from when I was 19. I had a torn labrum. My left shoulder would come out of socket a couple of times a year, but briefly.

“And I don’t have to put it back in. It just goes back in, and it hurts.

“I landed on the floor (while choregraphing a fight scene) and it came out really bad.

“It came out really bad, and each time it gets looser. I had surgery in November on it.”