Adam Brody found it ''awkward'' filming sex scenes with pregnant Kristen Bell.

The 34-year-old actor stars alongside the 33-year-old actress - who is now mother to 10-month-old daughter Lincoln, who she had with husband Dax Shepard - in 'House of Lies' and found it uncomfortable when they were shooting raunchy scenes.

He told E! News: ''It was very, very, very awkward for, I would say, about five minutes and then it was awkward in how normal it was. We were sandwiching her child in-between our stomachs.''

Adam is delighted to work with his ''hero'' Jean-Claude Van Damme in forthcoming movie 'Welcome to the Jungle' since he's admired him from a young age.

He said: ''My seventh-grade self was freaking out. I've gotten to work with so many actors I really respect and look up to, but when I was in seventh grade, he was my hero, I worshipped him.

''He wasn't an actor to me, he was a real-life superhero.''