Eighties star Adam Ant is struggling to cast the right actor to portray him in his energetic punk days for a new biopic.

The Stand and Deliver singer started out on the punk scene in London in the late 1970s, before finding fame in the charts with a string of pop hits.

He is now planning a biographical film based his life before he became a star, but admits he can't find the perfect actor to play him.

He tells Britain's Daily Star, "Getting someone who can portray how physical I was during the punk days is tough.

"James Franco and Jude Law were mentioned but I won't let anyone play me unless they can handle the danger and sexuality of those early days.

"I want it to focus on the punk era rather than when I became a success, that's when it was most interesting. It's a bit mundane once you're on (defunct British music show) Top Of The Pops."