Veteran British pop star Adam Ant went without sex for seven years as he battled bipolar disorder.

The Prince Charming hitmaker has endured a long battle with mental health problems, and spent many years taking pills to regulate his condition.

However, Ant admits the medication stifled him creatively and robbed him of his sex life.

He tells U.K. Tv show Loose Women, "The anti-depressants bring things to a steady thing, but you mustn't lose your personality. I didn't write a song for seven years, I didn't make love for seven years. So it had a price to pay."

Ant goes on to reveal he eventually weaned himself off the pills with the help of his doctor, but it took a long time.

He adds, "I had a very good psychiatrist... He said, "Look, do you know what these pills do?'... It's not easy to understand... He educated me and said 'Look you don't have to be on these pills all your life, if you want to come off. But you have to be very patient'. It took years to get off."