Veteran pop star Adam Ant is urging music fans to rediscover their love of record shops and stop downloading songs online.

The Prince Charming hitmaker was due to sign copies of his new album for fans at a London branch of retailer Hmv on Monday (21Jan13) but the session was axed following the announcement last week (ends20Jan13) that the iconic business has gone into administration.

Ant admits he is disappointed by news of the store chain's collapse and he insists more popular record shops will go to the wall unless fans quit shopping online and return to the high street.

He says, "It's a real shame that fewer people are buying music in physical formats nowadays. It's always been something I love - the artwork, the lyrics, the feel of a vinyl or Cd booklet. For me, an album is about more than just the music. It's a package that reflects the artist's creativity...

"It's sad that nowadays people just click 'download' and don't get to experience any of that. Lots of people hear one song, download it and then miss out on the full story that an album tells - the way the songs are supposed to gel together.

"And music fans don't spend time flicking through the racks and looking at records in places like Hmv any more, either. We should encourage people to get out to their local record shop and see what's on offer there. It's important."