Rockers AC DC were forced to hand over 2,500 Euros ($3,000/£2,000) to Romanian highway officials last month (May10) after they were accused of failing to pay a road toll and banned from leaving the country.
The Highway to Hell stars performed in Bucharest on 16 May (10) and headed back out on the road to Udine, Italy, where they were scheduled to play on 19 May (10).
But the group's tour buses were halted on a remote Romanian highway when their drivers were told they had to pay the fee - or face being detained in the country.
Doina Tiron, spokeswoman for the firm responsible for Romania's roads, tells the AFP, "The band's caravan was stopped at the border with Hungary by employees of the national roads company who asked them to pay 50 Euros ($60/£40) for each vehicle or a total of 2,500 Euros, before they were allowed to leave the country."
The band's tour organisers paid up, allowing the stars to continue on their journey, but later filed a complaint with the highway authorities.
Tiron adds, "In a letter sent to the company, the group said they had not been given any receipt for this fine."
The highway delay wasn't the only travel problem AC DC have encountered on their European tour - they almost missed their show in Oslo, Norway on Sunday night (30May10) after their plane malfunctioned in Berlin, Germany. The band managed to charter another jet to make it to Oslo just in time.