AC DC frontman Brian Johnson refuses to watch his pal Steven Tyler on TV talent show American Idol - because he hates the programme.
The British rocker has no time for the reality TV series - because he hates to watch young wannabes have their hopes dashed.
He tells, "I don't like watching people getting humiliated. It hurts me. Some people are more nervous than others. When I was 16 and did my first gig, I was so terrified... Other guys, who maybe weren't as good... had bags of confidence.
"Of course, as the years went by, I got more confident. I'm just terrified these shows might knock the stuffing out of a guy who is nervous. It's toe-curling watching those people being told they're not good enough."
And Johnson fears it's not the starry-eyed hopefuls who benefit from shows like Idol.
He adds, "It's making somebody a bloody fortune and it's certainly not the artists."