Review of Skeleton Album by Abe Vigoda

Album review of Skeleton by Abe Vigoda released through Bella Union.

Abe Vigoda Skeleton Album

Somewhat alarmingly, the very first few chords of 'Dead City / Waste Wilderness', the opening track on Skeleton sound not dissimilar to Vampire Weekend. In fact, it sounded exactly like a Vampire Weekend song, all covered in dust. Reassuringly, the similarities end rather abruptly as the band rough and tumble through the song, though there is still a hint of the tribal rhythms and an approximation of the ringing of steel drums permeates many of the tracks.

Calypso rhythms hold sway, then pass the baton to relentless 4/4 poundings. A paper maché collage of sounds and textures, Skeleton sounds all at once like a thousand bands, rehearsing the same song in four different practise rooms. The attention and space given to the production is astounding; drumsticks threaten to pierce your eye sockets, whilst the bass nestles elegantly at the base of your neck, holding up the guitars, which echo and twine around your ear drums.

Hailing from the same, super-hip LA scene as No Age and Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda are the latest in a trail of bands catching the ears and eyes of a 'mainstream' indie crowd no longer satisfied with a rattle of guitars and a catchy chorus. They want confusion and they want it now. For Confusion is Sex. Or at least, that's what our forebears told us.

Hayley Avron

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