NBC's flagship station in Los Angeles has seen its ratings for its 11 00 p.m. newscast drop 26 percent since The Jay Leno show began airing nightly at 10 00 p.m. last month. At the same time, the competing KCBS telecast at 11 00 p.m. has seen a 20-percent lift in its ratings. KABC remained the leader in the time period, but its ratings were down 14 percent from last year. Other NBC-owned stations in major markets have been reporting substantial ratings declines for their local post-Leno newscasts. WNBC, NBC's outlet in New York, has seen its ratings drop 25 percent, leaving it in fourth place, behind even the Spanish-language broadcaster in the market. Meanwhile some analysts are urging that NBC move local news to 10 00 and air Leno between 10 30 p.m. and 11 30 p.m. Local NBC affiliates are likely to begin clamoring for swift change as Leno's ratings continue to tank. On Monday night, they dropped to their lowest yet as just 4.6 million tuned in.